PetHopper (pethopper) wrote in dogs_on_lj,

Hi everyone =)

My friends and I started a new online pet community for the love of animals~<3
If you are an animal lover or just love your pet, you would definitely like this website!
It has all the cool functions, and it is completely free to join.

At, you can:
- Create pet homepages to share the love you have for your pet.
- Find the perfect match for your pet with PetMatch!
- Adopt a homeless pet in your local community.
- Find your lost buddy in Lost & Found.

... and much more for you to explore!

Just visit us @ and see what we have to offer =)

Also, check out your favorite Show Dog Mom & Dads on!

Tooter & Adam, Roxy & Moira, Chalcy & Kyra - Get in touch with the Hot Dogs in Show Biz! =D

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