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Hi Everyone,

My name is Sausage and I'm new to Livejournal.

I'm a smooth black and tan Dachshund and I have my own stuff you should check it out at My humans brought me to Aussie all the way from Amsterdam and I love it. I especially love all the dogs. My favourite things to do include: eating, sleeping, digging HUGE holes and staring at cats. I get in trouble a lot cause I'm not very well behaved. I am however, the nicest dog my humans know. That is what they tell me anyway. I have lots of friends- nearly all of them are poodles. My favourite poodle friend is Tex. He is old and I love to play in the garden with him. Everyday my humans put a new outfit on me and I am the most fashionable dog on the block. If you want I will share my nice dog stuff with you. I have a range of handcrafted Dog Collars and accessories. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!


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